NASA U.S.A. again today trying to show ‘ predominance ‘ in this solar system’s space program

In an interview from 25 years ago I remember, the camera pulls in close to her, a Jewish American NASA employee, and she says, ” Well, it’s obvious the space program in this solar system will be Judeo-Christian based. ”    –  Oooops, she spoke to soon, because oh no it is NOT, that is NOT how things in the REAL Universe have turned out. The U.S.A. is still trying to give everyone the ‘ image ‘ that they are ‘ leading ‘ the space program here. Look, a film of solar flares, even a small colony on Mars, will not compete with what is up and coming from the Chinese Space Program, it’s called Lightspeed+ Technologies in the form of a Star Cruizer that will probably be the most stunning media story in the herstory(history) of our planet. If you are now between ages 1 – 45 yrs. , then you stand more than a good chance of seeing Dragon Empress 1 (or whatever else we decide to name her) rise right out of the South China Sea . The American Media will be paralyzed with shock for sure, this is going to be so much fun .  Oh la dee da, another posting yesterday by Hubble or NASA, whatever, about small satellite galaxies around Andromeda, whoopdie dooooooo. . . . Our own galaxy has a few satellite galaxies just touching the edge of us. The Supreme Commandress of the Burmese Army has contacts in a star system in one of those satellite galaxies next to us, her interstellar girlfriend came right down out of a black disc one evening in Kunming, China next to the border of Kunming and Burma. . . . .  Sure it’s for real, just like it’s for real when the Burmese Commandress tells me that she knows personally that some employees of Disney are heroin addicts. A couple of them use to do all their cartoon editing down on Landsdown St. in Toronto .  –  Reality  .


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