Handing out condoms at a Philadelphia highschool. . .

This is how the West likes to distinguish itself by showing ‘ See? We are ‘free’ , we are not afraid of SEX, we do not try to hide IT, we KNOW everyone is going to have SEX ‘     – Yah well, passing out condoms at a highschool actually is not such a bad thing to practice, depending in what light the event is cast. I mean, it does not need to be emblazoned in a sloppy care-free way in the media as it was. I mean, hey, Islamic cultures also KNOW everyone is going to have SEX anyways, but keep a more serious attitude about an extremely serious biological event. Sure, no system is perfect, but the West wonders why most of the top biotech , electronics and research posts go to students from India, Middle East, Korea, China , Central Asia, Russia. . . . – more discipline, that’s why . And I will say there is alot more freedom in a place as China , but the U.S. is just SLOPPY , no cordiality to almost anything. I am guessing that it is no wonder that most other countries in the Middle East do not think Israel should even be a country . . . And most of these ‘ rape ‘ reports by Western media about places as India and Middle East are all Western Intelligence Agency set-ups to make these places look bad. Sure, rape happens in all countries INCLUDING the U.S. , but when you see an American Jewish news reporter on camera in Syria saying these guys behind her were harassing her, touching her,  – such bullshit. . . and if they did touch her, then they are just paid-off studges of the CIA told to do so. It seems the Jewish race just wants to get itself in more and more trouble. 


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