There are kites that fly higher than the Canadian and U.S. ‘ space programs ‘

There is always some smart-ass in the Canadian and U.S. media that just insists on countering me on whatever I say. . . haha, I can hear Robert Piccardo and the Star Trek gang crying in their oatmeal now. . . NASA barely has a space program. A bit of one. . . a few Low Earth Orbit stations etc…..but even some jumping around on Mars will not get NASA anywhere really, certainly not OUT of the solar system any time soon. . . This is a FACT. To control this solar system, you must have Lightspeed+ Technologies. The People’s Liberation Army Space Forces already has those designs which they are constructing NOW. So, they, in the not too distant future will be flying right out of this solar system to those other star systems NASA can only TALK about venturing to . . . The U.S. and Canada are currently in a position of being DENIED Lightspeed+ Technology Designs, that is a FACT . If North America behaves itself, they might receive this technology in say, the next 100-150 years. YES, I’m SERIOUS.


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