People’s Liberation Army of China is laughing all the way to Lightspeed . . .

The People’s Liberation Army of China has already received Faster Than Lightspeed Propulsion Technology Designs. . . I would know, because I am the one who dreamed them up, gave them to the Supreme Commandress of the BCNK(Burmese-Chinese-North Korean) Army CONGLOMERATE, whom in turn presented the ideas to PLA physicists whom to even my shock and amazement confirmed that they can see how the designs will definitely work. Wow. . . great.   – The United States and Britain will never receive Lightspeed+  Technologies if U.S. and Britain cause any problems in The South China Sea, Taiwan Strait, Indonesia etc. . . . So, without a shot fired, a very easy going solution, and The Commandress has indicated that she will share this technology with Vladimir Putin of Russia in the not too distant future, but she was waiting to see if he will gang up on China with the U.S. first, she thinks he will not. So, as we say in China, ‘ just BIDING our time ‘ while one hell of a nice Interstellar Star Cruizer is being assembled RIGHT NOW by Peoples Liberation Army of China. . . .


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