And Queen Elizabeth. . .Forget about getting Japan to stir things up for you . .

And Queen Elizabeth. . . You can forget about getting the Japanese to stir up war with China (making it oh so predictably convenient for British forces to step in and ‘ help ‘ Japan in war with China), forget it queenie, game over for your bullshit . We have been monitoring you for years, well aware of your potential intent to cause a small to medium size genocide in mainland China, but THAT is NOT going to happen little queenie. .Oh NO. You are so predictable, and we knew mention of this would pop up some day, like today in , a headline indicating the above mentioned scenario . British, American and Canadian forces – if they try any bullshit whatsoever in the South China Sea, Taiwan Strait, bothering the Asia Pacific Region, The Burmese Supreme Commandress has indicated absolutely DEVASTATING PUNISHMENT to Canada, Britain and the U.S. . . So ummmm, not a wise move there Lizzie, kind of better if ya just forget the whole thing, yah….chill out have som Earl Grey, or hey, some Chinese Green Tea, oh yah, we’ve got you lock, stock and barrel there little queenie . Done Deal .


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