The bloodlines between Japan and Korea

The relationship between Japanese and Korean peoples is much more than the American military and government are even aware. Sure, even the Supreme Commandress of the BCNK(Burmese-Chinese-North Korean) army CONGLOMERATE has confirmed this to me. And even Boeing could not get any business in Asia without first sitting down with the Japanese Yakuza which is directly linked to the Korean triads. Hey, there is some guy on my ‘ Blogs I Follow ‘ post, looks alot like Kidrock jumping up and down there with a Katana sword. Well. . . Mr. Ritchie Racist Kidrock, I suggest you stick to buttering your bread with that Katana sword. Do you and Rahm Emmanuel(Chief Deputy of the Jewish Mossad Intelligence Agency) in Chicago wish to go to war with the Japanese Yakuza and Peoples Liberation Army who now essentially OWN the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Stock Exchange in downtown Chicago? That. . . would be most humorous .


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