Karzai speaks the truth about American troops in Afghanistan

I am pleased to see last week on television President Karzai of Afghanistan, in response to an American journalist’s question as to whether he thought many of the problems in Afghanistan are actually being created by American troops behaviour, to which he replied that yes, he does feel this is true. Karzai answered that question so smoothly, diplomatically, yet with a perceived firmness. That was really fantastic. And yes, sure. .  as I have said before, the main reason for the wars in Afghanistan are because the queen of england wants to steal the opium from Helmond Province in Afghanistan. Hey there queenie, if you want to grow opium, get your own(oops, not much land in Britain is there Ms. Puffystuff?) hahaha. . . From a global perspective, Britain, Canada and the U.S. have no right to be in Afghanistan.


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