The Real Problem with Israel is. . . – a lack of self confidence.

How often in multicultural Toronto do you see any restaurants with a name such as The Israel Cafe or Tel Aviv Restaurant? Well, you do not, because there are none as this. People here go to Arabic, Persian, East Indian, Chinese and Italian Restaurants to name a few, but the Jewish population hides itself. Would people not also go to an ‘ Israel Cafe ‘ of some sort or restaurant, I think they would, I would, why not? Israel, with the Mossad mainly to blame hides behind the bushes peering out at everybody. And sure, yes…Israel being a new country that was only formed in 1947 surely cannot expect it’s Islamic neighbours whom have been there for thousands of years to just say yes to everything Israel wants. If Israel just behaves itself and respects it’s neighbours , then they will receive the same in return. It is so easy .


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