The ROOT problem in the United States and Canada .

The REAL problem in North America today is leaders whom have failed to provide a proper educational infrastructure for young people growing up. If there is talent out there but is never identified and then developed, then a country can sideline itself for decades to come. The problems in North America have nothing to do with there being more people from all over the world moving here for life and business, in fact in the longer run it will certainly help. The lack of Discipline at the root level in North American society is the real problem. And I will say, even though I am not Roman Catholic or Islamic, I will say that I think there are certainly some basic principles in those organizations that could lend themselves to creating a more disciplined, productive and creative society. . . sure, throw in some Buddhism as well. . . some Native Indian values. . . . So Western groups who harass governments of say Russia, China, Iran and others are just upset because they see themselves sliding and instead of looking at their own system as the problem, they blame others around them. I mean hey, no system is absolutely perfect, but look at how the Russian government IDENTIFIES/FACILITATES/DEVELOPS their talented people. So for example, it is no wonder that Russia is Number 1 in the world for music/songwriting/video productions/media, even edging out China in that department. Russia FACILITATING it’s population is not meant as an ‘offensive’ to North American society, but ok, let’s say healthy competition is always around globally and Russia is doing what Russia does, and if U.S. and Canada are doing nothing , then they are doing nothing. It really is as simple as THAT. There is nothing else to it . When adults in American and Canadian society, let’s say people who may have made alot of money, and are supposed to be ‘ leaders ‘, if all they do is sit back and all they offer the young people growing up ‘ hey kid, don’t worry, I’ve got money. .so you can be my prostitute ‘  , then as is being witnessed in U.S. and Canada, the moral fabric of society pretty much disappears and you end up with what North America has now, essentially a derelect non-productive society that is pretty much near it’s end. Sure, some people will say, ‘ but alot of problems here are because business people have moved their operations to other parts of the world taking our jobs away. ‘  Ok, in answer to that, hey. . we live in a GLOBAL ECONOMY now. If an entrepeneur from U.S. or Canada wants to set up production somewhere else, then they are FREE in ‘ the land of the free ‘ to do so right? I mean, there is a REASON WHY Bill Gates outsources much of Microsoft work to say India for technical engineering etc…. – because he noticed how East Indian peoples get up every day with an ‘ hey, I want to participate in life and be successful ‘ type attitude, and so some of the best tech engineers on planet earth are from India. And I could go on here about the multitude of talent from Middle East Central Asia, China, Korea, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipines, Africa and elsewhere….for biotech, medical , tech, anything really. . . . .So I will say yes, Americans and Canadians have certainly been caught off guard by the changing Global business platform. Essentially, in societies such as U.S. and Canada where the adult population is simply raising kids to be their sex-rags, then society decays. So obviously when I say I think some, not all, but some basic principles of say Islam and or Roman Catholocism certainly could add a more disciplined dimension to society. And for the ever PARANOID Jewish community, I will say yes, I agree with them when they say Roman Catholicism has always had a problem with sex, yes, true enough. But I also agree with the Pope and some Islamic Imams when they point to a lack of discipline in North American society. So if society can strike some type of happy medium of everything, then it all works out. But really, U.S. and Canada need to stop pointing the finger at other nations and peoples, and just pull up their own socks.


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