Kidrock, Ron Jeremy, Magnotta and Sympatico .

The oldschool government and media in Canada and the U.S. still think in terms of physical location as their reference point . They are not aware that stupid little games they play and think they are getting away with, is simply not the case. Like for example, is monitered HEAVILY WORLDWIDE by Scorpion Red .   –, a few weeks ago published a headline that has EXTEMELY ENRAGED the Burmese Commandress of the BCNK(Burma-China-North Korean) Army Conglomerate : Sympatico published a headline that read ‘ the people who shaped our year 2012 ‘ with a photo , yet again of Magnotta in a fancy top-hat and suit OBVIOUSLY being glorified as some type of hero for chopping up a Chinese student and posting their body parts on the doors of the Quebec legislature. And try this. . . Kidrock and Ron Jeremy have been on a basic observation list with Scorpion Red for ages after a video was shown to the Commandress of BCNK eleven years ago, of Kidrock and Jeremy in the same video where Kidrock proclaims that he does not eat Chinese food and that he does not like Chinese girls. And then, Sympatico as of late, waves a smart-ass story about the connection between Ron Jeremy and Magnotta, hey didn’t take much for Scorpion Red to elevate Jeremy’s observation status. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING the Canadian government is up to in Ottawa, EVERYTHING and ANYTHING the U.S. Senate, and Maryland Virginia are up to, are ALL observed WORLDWIDE 24-7, Even CP24 Toronto local news is booted up by agents online WORLDWIDE every night and day 24-7 .   Scorpion Red has been entering North America for over 16 years now, and is ALL OVER Canadian and U.S. ‘ Intelligence ‘ 24-7 from the tip of Alaska all the way down to Argentina. Done deal . And I mean hey, one would think the interconnectivity of the planet would be extremely obvious when comments come in from say Ahmadinejid in Iran observing how bad the Canadian government treats it’s Native Indian Population. . .


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