Queen elizabeth is waging a racist war against Buddhist Burma.

The British monarchy is up to their old tricks of divide and ‘ conquer’ in Burma, using CIA and Mi6 agents posing as Muslims to cause trouble between Buddhists and Muslims in Burma, obviously to facilitate things in favor for the Christian rebels in Burma. As the Burmese Commandress has pointed out, she is well aware of queen elizabeth’s intent on stealing Burma’s resources and medling with Burma’s Buddhist heritage.  – A quote from the Burmese Commandress spoken unto myself in conversation in Toronto Canada 11 years ago, ” If that bitch queen elizabeth thinks she can play games with MY Buddhism, then she will be HAMMERED, DESTROYED. ”  Hey there Queen Elizabeth, I remember the Supreme Commandress of The Burmese/Chinese/North Korean army CONGLOMERATE beheading 6 Karen(Christian) rebels before breakfast one morning at the border of Kunming and Burma with a katana type sword. The Burmese Commandress speaks a few dialects of Japanese, many dialects of Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Lao, Mandarin, Burmese, Thai. . . .Queen Elizabeth, If you honestly think you can win a war against the Burmese Commandress, forget it. . she has you lock, stock and barrel in London England, and North America.


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