Putin knows the score

I was pleased to see Vladimir Putin last week saying that he will not give in to any pressure to conform with someone else’s version of democracy. Yes, excellent, and why the hell should he? The Russian society he and his cabinet are building certainly adds so much to this planet’s music/arts/culture/technology. Vladimir Putin is a guy with a serious education and life experience. Even Central Asian artists besides singing in their home languages are pleased to even sing and perform in Russian as well. Sure. . . Putin can work with the Central Asian communities, there is no real need for a U.S. presence there. Sure, yes the U.S. can contribute in the world as well, like maybe pulling their forces out of Asia Pacific and back to Jamaica thereabouts. The U.S. just wants to get it’s hands on resources in that region, resources that do not belong to them, and besides Putin and China can help that region quite handily. And then there is France tip-toeing into Khazakstan undoubtedly trying to be non-chalant about some type of franco-euro-hedgemony which nobody needs in the region to be quite honest. No need to worry though, I am sure Vladimir will take the ‘ French ‘ out of their ‘ Fries ‘ if they get too out of hand there in the Khazakland .   hehe. . . . .   – ) :


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