Digital Radio Mondiale

Digital Radio Mondiale has a great idea. Without getting super technical about it here because you can see the full article on Wikipedia, they are using radio spectrum in the shortwave, medium and long waves to facilitate analogue to digital media streaming of audio, text, photo, video and eventually live streams. Beginning in the low end of the kilohertz range, about 4khz and up into the 100+ khz, this will provide a potential plethora of very demographic specific entertainment marketing in the regions where it is implemented. And naturally all of these frequencies can be chanelled through the internet if they like. This is exactly what I am speaking of in my other articles such as ‘ Banking on Exclusivity ‘  wherein I am indicating that other modes of media communications formats are certainly not obsolete by any means. In fact in the not too distant future we may see revived interest in for example shortwave radio products(with some digital upgrades I bet), regular am/fm units, VHF. . . Radio Mondiale has mentioned they would like to make some modifications on the VHF platform. Yah, its a great idea, though mainly being implemented in Europe and as of Britain for trial runs this year 2012. So remember, all of these communications platforms are not internet based, but sure, can be run through internet if desired. Ofcourse, radiowave tech reaches a broader audience reception simultaneously, and that. . . is the key .


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