2012-11-30 22-04-57.084It seems certainly obvious that my own original music will create as much excitement and set the world on fire as Michael Jackson did with his stuff. Yah, I like Michael. He always insisted on the highest quality songwriting standards. So do I. So why have I not released one note of my original music yet? Okay. . . Because I am analyzing all avenues of converged media platforms in order to make sure that myself and others I produce in the future get every cent we deserve for the music we create and perform. I am not keen on uploading all my fantastic work on internet to have it simply taken for free as the wind. I mean, can you imagine if say Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones, Michael’s songwriting partner for the Thriller album back in about 1982, after all the albums were pressed and packaged, simply opened warehouses in every major city in the world and invited the public in to take as many copies as they like for FREE? ? ? That would have been insane. And it would be just as insane today . Sure, I am going to release some of my original music in the near future in the form of say, one promo song and video on internet and other media platforms , but if the music loving public wants the whole album , …….then just as I pay for cake and doughnuts from people who work hard at baking, then they can return the favour, and pay for my whole DVD/CD. Some of the extreme best Pop/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal in the world, written by myself, will be released soon. And, in the longer run I will also share my songwriting talent with those whom I feel have the voice, image and ability to perform. Sure, if I really like someone I can write them a whole DVD/CD in the blink of an eye, every song a smoking smash hit. I am one of only a handful of people on this planet that writes absolutely devastatingly fantastic original songs, instrumentals. . .and the nice thing about myself is that I can do this in many different categories of music.


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