Banking on Exclusivity

You can never doubt a human being’s need for change or things that are simply different. And you never need to be unsure about people’s needs to own things that have anything to do with certifying and/or upgrading their perceived social status and acceptability to their piers. And, it is always when people are accustomed to a ‘ norm ‘ that they are most likely to be inclined to spend on a novelty or simply the same thing they already enjoy, but in a different form. I mean, if you love chocolate, you may be inclined to have chocolate in the form of a chocolate bar at 9am, then a cup of hot chocolate at 11am, chocolate cheesecake at 2pm etc…..but it is all chocolate. If Original Music is of such a high calibre and quality, but recorded on a medium from which it cannot be transferred, not available on internet, and sold only in select Music stores, people will certainly look for it. Now, sure. . Trying to build a world-wide musical cash base in this way again seems rather retro, well yes, exactly. That is precisely why I speak of Exclusivity . And if you can write originals as I do fortunately, not just for myself , but also fuel other artists with phenomenal hits, then, hey it might take a bit longer to get it through people’s heads that ‘ Um, hi ! Hey, you can BUY our CDs and DVDs and Blu-ray music recordings and videos right over there at our special Music Store, yes ! ‘  I mean, after people start buying FULL CD and DVD productions, realizing ‘ hey, these people do not just have ONE good song on these albums, holy smokes, every single song is a true smoking SMASH HIT ! Sure, I’ll buy their next one for sure. ‘   – It can be done . And marketing the disks along with their exclusive Players that go with them I think adds to the simply different, novel and tactile experience of the musical interaction. I mean, I remember when going into a record store to pick up an LP or Cassette, and after you had paid for it, and it was in your hands, there was always this feeling associated with the transaction as ‘ Ahhh, great, now I HAVE IT, the REAL GOODS direct from the artist, I’ve got a copy of the album that everyone wants to own, tingly warm feeling. ‘  Almost kind of like I guess the way a professional diamond thief may feel after a good one and upon returning home, opening the little black bag, pouring a few into their hands, and exhaling with a smile and a perceived inner glowing, knowing,  yes, now these are MINE ! ‘   Know what I mean?  Humans enjoy touching things, possessing, owning things. So yes, I do believe that this marketing of exclusivity can work, if you have the songwriting department, which fortunately I do .   – Smile baby . . .



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