Music and Money

ImageMusicians, sure. .upload ONE or maybe two songs and videos to the web as a free promo to your complete disc production, but don’t give it all away for free online. It is natural for people to want to show what they can do, and the creators of the internet understood this basic psychology , people like to show off, and it is so quick and easy to accomplish online, which is what the creators of internet were hoping for, and got it. . . – They tricked the whole human race into being THE BIGGEST FREE EMPLOYEE BASE of all time. You see, what music in essence has been reduced to in terms of value is summed up in a quote I shall give you from a communications company I read a few days ago, and this is really how they and other data providers feel about music now, quote :  ” People make sounds, share your sounds. ”   ( ‘ share ‘ ofcourse meaning to give away for FREE , ya know, just ‘ share ‘ . )   And now, the control of the sales of music is mainly in the hands of only a few providers whom are hording the profits to themselves, and probably will not tell you how many people have purchased your work online, and how can you know, you have no access to their files. And they get YOUR genius talent basically for free, essentially speaking.  To me, as important as enjoying the art of songwriting,  is to translate this talent into CASH, and LOTS of IT . I think any serious musician should feel this way. I mean, and I always give this analogy. . . – What if a bakery whom has been hard at work since 3am, opened it’s doors and simply said to everyone walking by, ” Well, it’s all ready! C’mon in and take whatever you like ! ….Oh no, we certainly do NOT want your money, please . . . help yourselves. ”    See what I mean ? 


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