Media Platforms: Do you know where your media really is?

ImageOne of the greatest misperceptions a musician or anyone managing in the music business can make is to think that you have any truly wide exposure on internet, you do not. For example, if you want to do a live streaming broadcast of a performance using internet only, then you must purchase what are known as ‘ slots ‘ ,  meaning 1 slot is ONE viewer. I know, I have inquired about this. . . Live Streaming Microsoft or any of the providers will sell you blocks of 100, 200, 300 slots etc, but you cannot obtain very much. It is all highly digitized, segmented and controlled. If you do not first have a real radio station am/fm or real television station linked to satellite, then you essentially do not have much. Only real radio and television coverage with analogue(to digital array) have a broad audience base where you can potentially hit say 500,000 or 1million viewers simultaneously, but not with fiberoptic internet on it’s own, forget it. IPTV has live satellite and pre-recorded materials for access, and it is not too bad, though IPTV is still experiencing many uplink/downlink problems obviously because the local LANs through which they are pumping data,text and video cannot truly handle the massive IPTV loads yet, it is still quite a bit out of sync, thus kind of unreliable. And…. Many artists have thought for instance, that they are actually broadcasting on a ‘ radio ‘ service by say Myspace with their Myspace ‘ radio ‘ , but it is NOT a radio channel, just digitized, highly regulated internet, with like basically no passive viewer availability. . .nice to IMAGINE isn’t it though? haha, you must know WHAT media platform you are placing your material or forget it. Stay tuned for more updates.  Have a nice day, real or imaginary. I prefer real myself.


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