Holographic Technology in The Music Business

ImageMUSION is a company that offers projectable holographic presentation technology. A business person giving the annual sales roundup from a distant location can be cast in virtual to any location, a hall, a stadium, everyone there sees and hears them clear as day, or a moonlit evening. . . Something I had predicted ages ago was for the music industry projecting artists to stadiums as holograms, stadiums filled with customers who paid to see this artist, understanding that it would be a holographic virtual performance for all but the one stadium where the real artist was being projected from. . .This gets really interesting because in this type of situation you are marketing to customers a certain percentage of reality for the price of the ticket sold. And then the one could ask something like ‘ Well, there is nothing truly like the REAL performer being there in all their bio-essence standing right there, so who would want to buy VIRTUAL performances? ‘  Well, here is where sociopsychological conditioning plays a role. . .  – Just what the parameters of  what ‘ reality ‘ is or are accepted to be as ‘ your reality ‘ can be an incredibly SUBJECTIVE matter. Through group concensus marketing, a whole nation of people can essentially be conditioned to accept that non-reality simply IS their reality, because that is just the way it is, you know, it’s the everyone follows the trend effect. . . So what is my opinion of all this? Well, I love technology, and sure, this type of holographic projectability has it’s place for some things I think, but for music, when the whole event is centered around the fact that the artist is right THERE for real in the stadium with you, it’s unmatchable. I mean, people could purchase a pay-per-view concert for an artist that happens only once a year, broadcast worldwide simultaneously to everywhere and atleast you would be seeing the real artist on your t.v. computer, iPad or whatever. . . but broadcasting holograms into stadiums for this purpose, well, sure, it actually does have potential, but I say you cannot beat having the person LIVE onstage, though it will be up to the public to decide just how much reality they wish to purchase.


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