Music Business 2012

ImageThe present formats upon which music is presently recorded, combined with the super-fluid and flexible rates of data transfers, certainly facilitate free access to music. Ofcourse, music has always been free to transfer from original, official copies because the technology whether it be magnetic tape, mp3 recorders, flash, video cams have always been there . One of the best points made recently by someone in a market research profile of the present music business is that people no longer think in terms of buying an album of songs, rather obtaining singles and mixing songlists of their favourites. Sure, and someone else mentioned that it is so much better this way because now the public does not need to buy an artist’s complete album every year which contains perhaps, only one really good hit song and the rest are fillers. Yah, I have to agree with that. I think anyone claiming to be a real professional, career songwriter, should be able to make EVERY song on a newly released collection a hit, no weak songs. No point being lazy. You will see what I mean upon my up and coming pop music release around end of 2013, maybe sooner .  Music, it’s a great thing. Musicians still need to do the basics, making hard copy media promotions of posters, flyers, newsprint, and online advertising, and if their music really is anything that really motivates people, then they should be able to fill stadiums on a regular basis. Nothing is really that different than times gone by except I will say, the North American/European market really needs to pick up the quality of the songwriting if it wants to compete internationally. Someone and her crew are certainly working hard, and doing a great job,   – Rihana and co .  #1 North American act as top-flight as any other top acts in any other countries in the world. Yah, she is super-fantastic .    –  Kevin


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