(Bioneurosynthetics) From Bluetooth to Brainchip

ImageLiving in a world that every night and day is coming closer to becoming an interstellar society is a facinating event to witness in all the technological advances that will certainly facilitate our society for such an expansive living platform .  Interpersonal and commercial business datastreams will increase further in speed and capacity. Smartphones, Tablets, Bluetooth…..The research for example, of Richard Feynman(U.S. Department of The Army) and a company as Lucent Technologies(Bell Labs) in bioneuromimeticsynthetics will produce brainchip implant technology that can augment human brain neuronetworks responsivities and perceptabilities enabling the managing of audiovisual and text data streams clearly and efficiently with this CVAI or NVAI ( Cranial Visual Audio Implant) or ( Neuro Visual Audio Implant ) . 


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