ImageThe Rolling Stones said ‘ you can’t always get what you want. .but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need. ‘   Yah, and some people in this world maybe have what it is that you want, though it is not what they need or want and wish they were rid of it because all they want is what you have, the freedom to have something simpler cause it all turns out the same only less headaches.   A multi billionairess friend of mine wishes she could just dump it all, but she can’t, because she is the only one in her generation in her position to know what to do with that much money. She lives in a regular condo-apartment like anyone else, has way too many family problems, and only keeps one fairly nice automobile, takes a taxi with her kid to pick up groceries. . . Just something I know I will remember after I make my first billion in the entertainment industry. Yah, I will still cook in the kitchen and walk up to the mall, though a privet jet might be nice.  Smile baby . . .   


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